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⁣Vem Miller interviews Jack Posobiec about the topic Where are the Men?

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Vem Miller interviews David and Nancy Flynn, who discovered a drug that stops and repairs the damage from spike proteins and the covid 'vaccine'. But their discovery did not even come about due to an intention of trying to create a repair product for covid damage. It came because they were trying to make their son better due to the vaccine damage he had suffered when he was a child.

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⁣Vem Miller interviews Austin Fleccas Fletcher about the topic "Where are the Men?"

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Vem Miller interviews Mike Lindell about the topic "Where are the Men?"

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Vem Miller interviews Raheem Kasaam about the topic, "Where are the Men?"

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⁣Vem Miller interviews Richelle Voth, a leading researcher and advocate, about the realities of the new world we live in, where daily detox has become as essential as taking your vitamins. Richelle discusses her research, her journey, and how you can help protect your family against the toxicity of this post jab world.

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Vem Miller interviews Heather Gessling, and they discuss what happened to her son and the church he attends. This leads to the topic are Most Churches founded on Anti Christ Principles?

Blood Money with Vem Miller, Episode 208.

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⁣Blood Money Episode 205, Vem Miller interviews J6 Prisoner Jake Lang, who is currently in solitary confinement, with no due process, with no speedy trial, being treated like a terrorist. Jake Lang tells us his story, and how he started Blessed News TV to get the Truth out.

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Vem Miller interviews General Flynn and Boone Cutler about fifth generation warfare.

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⁣Vem Miller interviews Melinda Ann Rivera, who is working with LUCA to ensure that Hispanic voters are no longer captive to leftists who work against their interests and their values.
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⁣Vem Miller Interviews Clay Clark for Blood Money episode 199. Clay talks about the things in life that annoy him and get on his nerves, and how he's structured a life around his belief system and achieved his lane in life that fulfills him and keeps him going. Clay also talks about his business conference and how hes helped so many grow their business.
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⁣Jeff Younger joins Blood Money with Vem Miller. Jeff exposes the hypocrisy of the Republican party. Jeff's ex wife has been trying to transition their son to female starting when the child was 2 years old. Jeff thought that the Republican party, who claims to oppose such child abuse, would come to the rescue. Turns out that the Republican party instead ran him out of Texas, while doing nothing to stop the destruction of his child son.
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The Blood Money Podcast with Vem Miller is back in 2024 with this exclusive expose. A Trump campaign insider joins the Blood Money podcast to share evidence which he believes indicates that Boris Epshteyn is the Mole within Trump's campaign, tasked with bringing down Trump. The Whistleblower presents evidence.
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The following are notes from the whisteblower, as indicated in the podcast.
Boris Epshteyn moderated a panel at the "Invest in Moscow!" conference in October 2013. The panel was composed mainly of Moscow city government officials, including Sergey Cheremin, a city minister who heads Moscow's foreign economic and international relations department
It's even been rumored that he worked to undermine 45 in the fake Steele Dossier. Sounds like something he would do. The Pee tape. That rumor may have been started from him.
Rumor is that his parents were connected to the FSB and that he was planted as an avenue to before s ET then climb to 45. Rumor also is that the intelligence community discovered this during the campaign and turned him into an asset for them.
We know that he has already leaked info to CNN and MSNBC that was hurtful to 45 and his legal matters. MSNBC even did a sweetheart piece on Boris.
Our unconfirmed belief is that this is how he was turned. They threatened to expose his extracurricular activities to his wife.
And yet he has survived and is always one step ahead of the tidal wave. He is not a smart man. Not smart enough to have survived without help.
And yet he has survived and is always one step ahead of the tidal wave. He is not a smart man. Not smart enough to have survived without help.
And here is the kicker, he will not allow any attorney to be hired who does not agree to use him as an intermediary to 45. No exceptions. Attorney David Schoen is the most recent. 45 wants him but Boris is blocking because David will not abide.
From the Steele Dossier. Claim is that the intelligence community used BE to create narrative and set up 45.
He resigned from the WH shortly thereafter.
It's a good article for background purposes. Gives the full story. Odd that WAPO would write a flattering piece about a Trump ally. MSNBC also did one last month.
On the bottom of the page there is a more button which brings up additional information
Boris Epshteyn left his job at the White House early in Trump’s term due to issues with obtaining a security clearance. After the election, Epshteyn became an aide on the transition team and in the White House. However, his tenure was short — he lasted about two months in the White House and was abruptly moved from the transition to be communications director for the inaugural committee. Three Trump advisers, including one person with direct knowledge of the matter, said the White House exit came after issues gaining a security clearance
His uncle's ties are very odd. And he took Boris for the ride in 2 apparent and clear frauds back to back.
And now Boris is running money from Georgetown Advisory LLC looking to serve foreign governments
And has it intertwined with Trump's Save America PAC and Alina Habba
We believe we found a weakness, probable past and potential current love interest and current person to whom news is leaked from Boris. Nicole Wallace
Ari runs cover for Boris more than once
Ari. Melber works side by side with Nicolle
Nicolle getting some info from Boris that nobody else had. Supposedly.
Fani Willis Has sent before the magistrate another request declaring Boris Epshteyn as a material witness that she intends to call against Cheeseboro and Powell in the upcoming Trial in two weeks. "Fulton County promised Epshteyn will not be prosecuted for any information gleaned from his testimony."
"Fulton County promised Epshteyn will not be prosecuted for any information gleaned from his testimony."
Boris has flipped. Officially
According to Fani Willis. He will be testifying against the Defendants.
4. Washington, D.C. resident Boris Epshteyn is a necessary and material witness to the
proof of the State's case, specifically as to Defendant Sidney Powell's culpability and
Defendant Kenneth Chesebro's culpability.
12. Boris Epshteyn will provide evidence to the jury of Sidney Powell's involvement in
the conspiracy, including, without limitation, as it relates to her appearance at the
press conference on November 19, 2020.
13. Boris Epshteyn will also provide evidence to the jury of Kennth Chesebro's
involvement in the conspiracy, including, without limitation, as it relates to his
communication with co-defendants JJohn Eastman and Rudy Giuliani regarding the
attempt to disrupt and delay the January 6, 2021 joint session of Congress.
14. Boris Epshteyn, based on the information set forth above, is a necessary and material
witness. He possesses unique knowledge concerning communications between
himself and Sidney Powell as well as communications between himself and Kenneth
Chesebro and other known and unknown individuals involved in the multi-state,
coordinated efforts to influence the results of the November 2020 election in Georgia
and elsewhere.
20. If Boris Epshteyn comes into the State of Georgia pursuant to this request, directing
him to attend and testify in this criminal prosecution, the laws of this State shall give
him protection from arrest and from service of civil or criminal process, both within
this State and in any other state through which he may be required to pass in the
ordinary course of travel, for any matters which arose before his entrance into this
State and other states.
Officially a witness against the Trump group and has immunity
Even worse is that boris's lawyer who is representing him in cooperating with the Fulton County district Attorney is also representing 45.
Tood Blanche Esq
Reader's digest version: Fulton County prosecutor filed late last week certifying that BE is a material witness against Sydney Powell and Cheeseboro who are 45's co-defendants charged with the same crimes. It is also been stated that BE has been preferred immunity so that he will not be prosecuted regarding the statements that he will make as a witness against the defendants in the Trump trial. More troubling is that the attorney who negotiated this deal with a Fulton County prosecutors is Todd Blanche who is also 45's attorney in the same proceedings which is a tremendous conflict of interest.
Bottom line, Boris is a witness for the prosecution against 45 and the other defendants in Georgia and has immunity. Same. With Jack Smith
Sending you the following two articles. The importance is this. The district attorney in Fulton County Georgia called only two Trump allies to be witnesses for the prosecution. Lin Wood One of Trump's former attorneys who has cut a deal and now is cooperating with the prosecution, and Boris. Neither of these men has been indicted and both have spoke openly with the prosecutor. They're both being treated identically but only Wood has been exposed so far as cooperating
One of the thing of importance I forgot to mention. All of 45's attorneys who worked with him after the election had bar complaints filed against them which complaints were acting on expeditiously by the various bar associations. The only exception to this is the New York State bar complaint mild against BE. Not only has there been no movement forward but it is basically been taken off of all of the search engines. Weird and a coincidence huh?
The complaint was made by the 65 project.
Ethics Complaint Against Trump Attorney Boris Epshteyn — The 65 Project -
Top Trump adviser to be interviewed by special counsel prosecutors | Donald Trump | The Guardian -
"But Trump has prized Epshteyn’s personal loyalty to him, and despite asking associates at the start of the year whether he was doing a “good job” after a series of legal defeats in court and having his phone seized by the FBI in the January 6 investigation, has kept him as a trusted member of his inner circle."
There is a possibility that the decision to deny Boris Epshteyn a security clearance was affected by the fact that he had connections to Russia. Epshteyn, who was born in Russia, had a long history of participation with the government and financial institutions of Russia. At the conference that was held in New York City in 2013 and was themed "Invest in Moscow," he served as the moderator of a panel that comprised numerous officials from the Moscow city government representatives. Obtaining compromising material during tours and commercial engagements in Russia was one of the tactics that Russian intelligence frequently uses to recruit Western businessmen. This activity was consistent with the practices that are used commonly by Russian intelligence.
Moreover, Epshteyn's backing of Russian policy and his consistent lobbying for Russian commercial interests created concerns. Both of these actions were taken repeatedly. In his public utterances, he frequently repeated Russian propaganda, notably with reference to Russia's operations in Ukraine. For instance, he made the contentious assertion that Russia did not seize Crimea, which is in direct opposition to the largely acknowledged perspectives of the international community.
The combination of these elements, as well as his known abrasive temperament and his history of legal troubles, may have contributed to concerns over his fitness for a security clearance. The process of obtaining a security clearance requires a comprehensive review of an individual's history, which includes an examination of their personal behavior, overall character, and their interactions with people from other countries. It is quite probable that Epshteyn's Russian connections and actions triggered red lights during this examination, which may have resulted in the decision to not grant him clearance.

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⁣This episode delves into the Sweat Patch Drug Test Fraud that is used to kidnap children via the family courts. Multiple victims and experts on the topic join the Blood Money podcast to discuss how these sweat patch drug tests are being used to make lawyers and judges rich, while destroying families.
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⁣The brilliant Gianna Miceli joins The Blood Money Podcast to discuss and expose controversy happening in The State National Movement. Has Gianna Miceli discovered that the entire State National Movement is a fraud? Find out on this episode of Blood Money.
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⁣Vem Miller interviews comedian Jonathan Randall, who has been a vocal activist for a Free Palestine.
Some samples of Jonathan's work.
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⁣Vem Miller interviews the one and only David Icke. David Icke has been exposing he elitist agenda for about 30 years. David was speaking about a cashless society back in 1993! After being called crazy for many years, society and We The People are finally catching up to the truths exposed by David Icke.
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⁣Blood Money Episode 198 with Rosalie Bingham

⁣Quick Correction from Rosalie - when I said "Caucus" I meant "National Party Delegates."

Vem Miller interviews Rosalie Bingham, an entrepreneur and developer who is working on building off grid self sustaining communities.

We all sense that there is economic collapse coming. Some believe that our cities will be left a wreck. Well, whatever the future holds, Rosalie Bingham has a solution to our wasteful and unproductive living standards. Rosalie joins Blood Money to discuss the future of living in off the grid self sustained communities.

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Blood Money episode 200

⁣Vem Miller interviews Denise Fritter and Carolyn Blakeman. Carolyn Blakeman is one of the heroes fighting to expose the lies and conspiracies of the Covid 19 Pandemic, especially in regards to the Hospital Killing Fields, where patients were given drugs and protocols that resulted in the death and demise of the patient.
Denise Fritter is a mother who lost her daughter to these dangerous and destructive protocols.

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