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Inside the Square Geneva Project

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⁣The Geneva Project represents a shift in powers from fighting the existing systems
to creating the world we want to see. It is a relinquishing of the power they hold over us
and a recognition that We, The People Of The World, held the power all along.

It is a reawakening of our strength.

This does not mean we advocate against defensive strategies
to curb their power and hold them accountable.
We recognize the importance of (and are involved in) this fight.
It is, however, a necessary and insufficient condition for creating the world we want.

We must stop waiting for them to change.
If we want a better future, the onus is on us.

The Geneva Project is the turning point in the trajectory of the world.
It is the moment we declare our independence from that which holds us back
and take responsibility for the creation of the world we want.

Our Inspired Global Leadership Summit is a pinnacle event
of The Geneva Project where we bring world leaders together to draft a vision for the future.
The 2024 Inspired Global Leadership Summit will focus on envisioning a new healthcare system.

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